A Survival Guide to Kevin Brett

One quarter.

3 classes.

132 hours.

7,920 minutes.

That’s how long I spent in the presence of one professor.

This past quarter, I made the conscious choice to take three of the highest level public relation’s classes offered so that my last quarter this fall will be a breeze. I also made the conscious choice to subject myself to the same professor for all three classes, each one twice a week for two hours at a time.

Kevin Brett.


I will never forget this name.

I had him once before, but nothing could prepare me for spending the sheer amount of time that I had to. So, to save some other poor, unfortunate soul from the same fate here is a short survival guide to Kevin’s classes.

10 Things You Should Know to Survive Kevin Brett

  1. Kevin loves the stock market. Want to make an impact? Shout at him randomly “buy low!” and watch his reaction. He’ll probably put you on a pedestal, or he’ll constantly ask if you want to give any lecture of fiduciary content.


2. Know the difference between “doing well” and “doing good.” Also know that the proceeding slideshow of examples is a giant trick question. The answer is both. Always. Don’t argue with me. I know. I’ve seen that presentation four times. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just take one class. Seriously. That’s all you need.

3. Blog, blog, blog, and blog some more. If there is one thing you really need to be prepared for before taking a class from Kevin, it’s that you will blog. A lot. And he likes to share with you his own blog. A lot.


4. You’ll also do board work every day it seems. Think you might not have board work one day because there are only 30 minutes left in class? Guess again.

5. He worked for LSI Logic. Don’t feel like listening to an hour-long lecture from his slide show? Ask him about how he almost got fired for selling Girl Scout cookies at work, it’ll kill a solid 15-20 minutes.

6. Speaking of LSI Logic, he really likes to make sure you know he worked for LSI Logic. I think I lost track of how many stories he has of the time spent there. But just to prepare you, here are a few:

  • LSI Logic was about to do a major lay off the day after 9/11, but thanks to Kevin, this was held off for another week.
  • Kevin’s boss was always in his cubical. ALWAYS. The way he makes it sound, his boss possibly had a secret sleeping bag stashed away there so he has no excuse to leave.LSI-Logic-Logo.svg
  • He created the corporation’s base PowerPoint presentation. Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to do the same thing if you take COM470 or COM475 with him. Just make sure everything has a running theme, otherwise you won’t be scoring any brownie points.
  1. Oh, and lets not forget his short period of time at Edelman. Apart from LSI Logic, this was anoEdelman_PR_firm_logother company Kevin worked for. While the stories are not as good for killing time, I’m sure if you prod a bit you’ll be able to get 10-minutes out of him.


8. A final place I remember Kevin said he was the press secretary for California’s 35th governor, George Duekmejian. He was there back when the Bay Bridge was in the water and when Princess Diana fainted during her tour. Don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it during his talk on crisis communication or blogging. Trust me.


  1. Kevin also loves people to know he owns a Mazda Miata and runs almost every day in the morning. His favorite type of running gear for in the winter? Under Armour’s Cold Gear.
  2. Finally, all of Kevin’s classes are formatted the same. If you take one class, you’ll have taken them all. At least at the surface level. It can make life easy, but some days I wonder how Kevin doesn’t go insane saying the same thing over and over again.


Alright, all jokes aside, I learned more this past quarter from Kevin Brett than I have any other professor. Ever. I personally think it’s a great thing that he repeats himself in his individual classes. Ultimately, it’s to your own benefit because if you can recite everything he is going to say, that means you at least memorized something and can regurgitate that information later. You never know, you might just impress a job recruiter with your knowledge of different corporations’ CSR and fiduciary campaigns.

So, thank you, Kevin. Thanks to your guidance, I feel more prepared now than ever before to enter the real world. I feel like I actually made the right choice to go into public relations.

To anyone who has taken Kevin’s classes before, I hope this brought back memories. And to those thinking about taking a class with him, I dare you to shout, “buy low!” at him on that first day.

Thank you, Kevin, for the past 7,920 minutes, 132 hours, 3 classes, this past quarter.




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